My Services

My Services

I am proud of –

Proud Utahn; honoring roots in JanamBhumi India, contributing to KaramBhumi United States…


I am विपश्यना Meditator and proponent, fostering mindfulness and inner peace. Join…

Philanthropist at heart

My Project – Project Jugnoo ; Solar Lanterns, iPads, Shoes and more…

Green energy enthusiast and Professional

Focus on Solar Energy and PowerGrid

Passionate Technologist

Focus on Software Development, Enterprise Custom Apps, AI/ML, Student of CI. Let’s…

30+ years of experience Internationally

India-US-Taiwan-Spain ; NIIT, FurnaceFabrica, Nuskin, Infosys, Adobe, BODEX

I Am Avalible For

Freelance Work

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Sumit is passionate about leveraging technology to enhance business operations, improve efficiency and drive impactful results.

2901 Bluegrass Boulevard, Suite #200-60, UT 84043

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